Tomás Lozano

A singer, musician, composer, scholar and writer, born in Barcelona, Spain to Andalusian parents. Known for his eclectic musicianship, Lozano’s performance of Spain’s traditional ballads stand out as iconic. Lozano has become well-known for his musical compositions set to legendary poets. He performs his original compositions, solo or accompanied, masterfully expressed through his smooth voice, the vibrant finger work on his guitar and the soothing droning of his hurdy-gurdy.

In his recent album, “Eternal Juan Ramón Jiménez” Tomás gives new life to the profound popular lyricism in the writings of the celebrated poet and has translated it into song, setting it once again in motion, returning to it its spoken character. He does so from a varied repertoire that spans poems from the end of the nineteenth century to the middle of the twentieth. All together we have here a feast of music and words.

You can listen to the album on Tomás’ SoundCloud:

Today Tomás lives in Bloomington, Indiana and contributes to the culture and folklore of the American Midwest. He performs his original compositions, solo or accompanied. He currently works with Duo Krupoves Lozano, Daily Bread & Butter, Salaam, Shakespeare’s Ear, 2Thousand, Kativar, as well as his own projects and also numerous collaborations with other artist like, Erica Rubis, Yusuf Benli, Maxi Larrea, Richard Scofano, Marija Krupoves, Miguel Angel Nieto, Alfonso Domingo…

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