Imagine Spain. Existing high above the clouds echoes of phantasmal peaked rock chant in unison their canticles born beneath the crusts of earth. The Pyrenees bear the incisions of their birth; yet, theirs is a continuous deliverance about magnificence and beauty. Where draping mountain slopes meet ocean, song, once again, is born. Nothing less than music captures the Mediterranean, a marriage of land and sea.

Portrait of Tomás Lozano with his Spanish guitar by Matt Jaskulski

Brazen by wild rosemary and maritime salt, the figure of Tomás Lozano emerges as a true Iberian son. Meet him, the progeny of this marriage, and you encounter Catalunya with Andalucía, the Romanesque with Gaudí, Romances with Flamenco, and Moorish moaxajas with Sephardic lullabies.

His story begins shepherding. Soon, songs of innocence develop into druid dances under the fire-spewing correfocs of Granollers. Drummers and grallers en masse shield the night. Incoming Spring finds the grasses beyond Fisterra. There, a missionary dove leaves a timeworn bell tower to brave the seas. A young Lozano bears witness. Guitar in hand and a pack on his back, he journeys to the buffalo, singing.

Where music takes him is beyond a New World. The discovery is about self. Peninsular and more: Lozano hears a primordial sound. Voice, guitar and vielle serve as conduits. Lozano vibrates cords and spirit embodies before returning ethereal. His own spirit merges with Spirit. The experience blends exquisite simplicity with hypnotic beauty.