Shakespeare’s Ear

Musing on the magic of language, music, and theater, playwright William Ayot delivers an historically informed imagining of Shakespeare’s personal and artistic journey. The Fourth Wall’s C. Neil Parsons portrays Will, accompanied by Renaissance music and dancing. You don’t know the Bard’s tale until you’ve heard it through Shakespeare’s Ear.

Shakespeare’s Ear centers around the music of Elizabethan England, much of it from the plays themselves.

Below is a list of the music we play in our show:

La Coranto—Thomas Morley; Greensleeves—anonymous; Kemp’s Jig—Anonymous; My Mind To Me A Kingdom Is—William Byrd; Veni creator spiritus—Gregorian chant; The Staines Morrish Dance—anonymous; Two Lovers Sat Lamenting—William Corkine; Belle qui tiens ma vie—Thoinot Arbeau; La volta—Thomas Morley; Love’s Farewell–Tobias Hume; Flow, my tears—John Dowland; Captain Hume’s Pavane–Tobias Hume; Galliard Can She Excuse—John Dowland; Full Fathom Five—Robert Jones; My Lord of Oxford’s March—William Byrd; The Agincourt Carol–Anonymous; Fair Weather–John Munday


Neil Parsons: actor, as William Shakespeare.
Erica Rubis: viols, actress and dancer.
Adriana Caro-Gómez: recorder, percussion, actress and dancer.
Beth Garfinkel: virginal, actress.
Tomás Lozano: renaissance guitar, hurdy-gurdy, percussion, actor and dancer.
Kathryn Summersett: voice, percussion, actress and dancer.

Meet William Ayot, the playwright of Shakespeare’s Ear.

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Shakespeare’s Ear

IndyFrige reviews:

Shakespeare’s Ear
4 stars
This is Shakespeare Fringized. The story follows Shakespeare’s life and writing throughout Europe. With five musicians (with period instruments) the story moves in and out of song with The Fourth Wall’s C. Neil Parsons portraying Will. No set changes are needed in this innovative approach to storytelling. A few insider jokes rang true with the Shakespeare studiers in the crowd, but no previous knowledge of Macbeth is required.
August 21 10:30pm, August 22 9:00pm, August 23 1:30pm

Fringe review: Shakespeare’s Ear

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