Awards and Recognition

2002 Award

2002 RECOGNITION: as a stalwart researcher and promoter of Medieval Culture of Spain since 1993, distinguished through successful presentations of musical performances, lectures and conferences. Presented by The General Consul of Spain in San Francisco, CA, don Lorenzo González Alonso.

2000 RECOGNITION: For dedicated artistic performance/research of medieval music and dance of Spain as it relates to New Mexico, presented by Norman Martinez, Director of the Oñate Monument Visitor Center, Alcalde, New Mexico.

1999 RECOGNITION: For a special musical performance at Washington State Capitol, presented by Secretary of State, Ralph Munro.

1996 National Park Service and Chamizal National Memorial: in recognition of and appreciation for enriching the cultural heritage during the XXI Siglo de Oro Drama Festival.

Stephanie Gonzales, New Mexico State Secretary: Hereby recognizes for exemplary dedication and service in enhancing the quality of life among all the peoples in The Land of Enchantment.

1995 New Mexico State Senate: Hereby extends its heartiest congratulations and commendation to his positive efforts in the advancement of Hispanic Culture in New Mexico.

Latin American Institute, University of New Mexico: Certificate of Appreciation for the invaluable intellectual and cultural contributions to the dissemination and preservation of the Cultural Heritage of the Southwestern United States.

The Albuquerque Museum of Art and History: in appreciation of service for outstanding contribution of medieval music.

santa fe honorary citizen

1993 Received a Title of Honorary Citizen of the City of La Villa Real de la Santa Fe de San Francisco de Asís, New Mexico, for outstanding achievement in cultural efforts, by the Mayor of the City, Sam Pich.