Duo Krupoves Lozano

¿Dólos Mis Amores? 

Experience a journey through different European traditions of folk poetry, with an emphasis on the ballad tradition, connecting Europe, East to West. This project is a collaboration of the two artists and scholars of these traditions, each one specializing in the folklore of their respective countries of origin, while always looking for points of connection as expressed in the human experience. Maria Krupoves incarnates Eastern Europe, singing songs in Polish, Lithuanian, Russian, Bosnian and Belorussian that she herself has compiled in her investigations. Tomás Lozano embodies Western Europe, singing in Castilian, Catalan and French, and at times composing music for the original texts and revivifying them in the process. All songs have been artistically arranged by these two artists whose combined backgrounds and styles yields a modern and innovative touch to these traditional songs. 

Maria Krupoves and Tomás Lozano enter upon a wide and versatile repertoire with elegance and delicacy. Their vocals and simple and honest musical arrangements transport us to the world of traditional beliefs and longings out of which the songs in this album were born. Everything in this album is underscored by the delicate notes of their artistry, which elevate the imagination and calm the spirit.

Joaquín Díaz

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¿Dólos Mis Amores? Presentation & Lyrics

Radio Podcast, Onda Cero, Guadalajara, Spain.

El dúo Krupoves-Lozano trae al Teatro Moderno ‘¿Dólos mis amores?’, un homenaje a los romanceros europeos