Daily Bread & Butter

Consuming traditional music on a daily basis may benefit your health

Daily Bread & Butter is an international, highly entertaining and unique musical trio that plays traditional dance music from Europe. Their members, from different countries, come together to create a lively and distinctive sound in the interpretation of traditional folk dance music and songs from Europe. Combining bagpipes, accordion, hurdy gurdy, and percussion, Daily Bread & Butter will make your feet move nonstop.
Their repertoire includes jigs and alboradas from central and northern Spain, bourrées from central France, an dros from Brittany, tunes from Ireland, England, Scotland, and Eastern Europe as well.
Daily Bread & Butter does also Educational Programs by request.

Our first CD, “Apéritif“, is now ready, full of great traditional tunes with some originals, played and arranged, as always, with delicious bread and heavenly butter. 

Enjoy our Aperitif

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