Eternal Juan Ramón Jiménez

A Musical Journey through the Life of a Spanish Poet

A wellspring of inspiration initiated composer Tomás Lozano’s musical interpretations for voice and guitar of the poetry of celebrated Nobel Prize winner, Juan Ramón Jiménez. His music further takes flight with the collaboration of violist da gamba, Erica Rubis, and flamenco guitarist, José Valle “Chuscales”.

His album showcases Lozano’s distinctive composition style, which combines his long-standing immersion in traditional Spanish ballads, historical European music and contemporary sounds. The voices of flamenco guitar and gut-stringed viola da gamba, created by the instrumentalists themselves, join with Lozano’s artistry, fusing an alchemy of musical styles and expressions so relevant to modern-day audiences.


A reader renders aloud each poem before its musical incanting. What emerges is a journey through a Jiménez-esque pantheistic landscape in which the transcendent is exquisitely caressed and translated into an often cathartic experience.


 Eternal Juan Ramón Jiménez” is a musically innovative program that marries classical, baroque and modern sounds by way of voice, Spanish and flamenco guitar and viola da gamba.

     Alrededor de la copa (Around the Tree Top)

… versatile, virtuosic, extraordinary!

 “In a concert, Eterno Juan Ramón Jiménez, Lozano has woven songs from the poetry of Juan Ramón Jiménez… in a profound conversation that is riveting for those of us in the audience—something so intimate that you feel privileged to have witnessed it. A standing ovation greeted the final song…and then, an encore of virtuosic improvisations that seemed a perfect signature for an extraordinary performance.”

Anya Peterson Royce, PhD, D.Litt
Chancellor’s Professor of Anthropology and Comparative Literature
Indiana University, USA
External Examiner, MA Ethnochoreology, Irish World Academy of Music and Dance
University of Limerick, Ireland


Creíamos que todo estaba (We thought that everything was…)

La Felicidad (Happiness)

What more people say

“Eterno Juan Ramón Jimenez, Tomás Lozano’s latest opus, is a testament to the fusing of creativity, imagination, and artistry of the highest caliber. Lozano brings sound to the rich sensorial imagery of Juan Ramón Jimenez – imagery filled with solitude, melancholy, the hardships of love, the sea, and perceptions of time. Two Spanish guitars and a viola da gamba join Lozano’s voice creating an enticing Andalusian atmosphere. The sharpness and sweetness achieved by the instrumental choice embrace his beautiful and haunting melodies as well as his poignant interpretation, bringing the listener into the intimate realm of experiences and memories of an eternal poet and a modern troubadour.”

Alfredo Minetti, Ph.D. Co-Director of This is Tango Now. Artistic Director and Pianist

This is Tango Now:

Minetti Productions:


 Los Caminos (The Pathways)

Simply enchanting!


“In this moving tribute to Juan Ramón Jiménez, Tomás Lozano masterfully captures the spirit of the great Spanish poet.  This music is simply enchanting.”

John Nieto-Phillips

Associate Professor, Department of History. Associate Professor, Latino Studies. Associate Editor, The Journal of American History. Adjunct Associate Professor, American Studies Program.


Este inmenso Altántico (This Immense Atlantic)


Canción Nocturna (Nocturnal Song)

“Vocalist, instrumentalist and composer Tomás Lozano lends his artistry to Spanish poet and 1956 Novel Prize Laureate in literature, Juan Ramón Jiménez whose verse inspired Lozano to compose original melodies and give voice to the poetry turned lyrics. Each of the masterfully crafted songs fuses Lozano’s outstanding voice and flamenco guitar with viola da gamba played by Erica Rubis. The concert, Eternal Juan Ramón Jiménez, featured different periods in the poetic trajectory of one of the best loved and most homespun Spanish poets of all time.”

George Greenia
Professor of Hispanic Studies
College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia