Daily Bread & Butter


Daily Bread & Butter is an international highly entertaining and unique musical trio that plays traditional dance music from Europe. Their members, from different countries, come together to create a lively and distinctive sound in the interpretation of traditional folk dance music and songs from Europe. Combining bagpipes, accordion, hurdy gurdy, and percussion, Daily Bread & Butter will make your feet move nonstop.

Their repertoire include jigs and alboradas from central and northern Spain, bourrées from central France, an dros from Brittany, tunes from Ireland, England, Scotland, and Scandinavia.

Daily Bread & Butter also does Educational Programs by request.

Our first CD, Apéritif, is now ready, full of great traditional tunes with some originals, played and arranged, as always, with delicious bread and heavenly butter. 

If you will like the actual CD contact:clements8837@gmail.com

If you prefer a digital album:

 DBB3To book a performance contact Daily Bread & Butter @:  tomas@tomaslozano.com

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Daily Bread & Butter


Clancy Clements studied music (piano, trumpet, guitar) as a child in the US, explored American folk music as a teenager, and later branched out into world music, mostly Celtic and Iberian. In the late 1970s, he was influenced by the music of the group Al Tall in Valencia, Spain, where he was introduced to the Spanish guitar style and Iberian percussion. After settling in Bloomington, Indiana, Clancy began to study bagpipe, receiving most of his instruction from pipers in Galicia, Spain. Apart from being a member of Daily Bread & Butter, playing pipes, whistles and guitar, Clancy also plays with Stumphole String Band, Southern Indiana Pipes and Drums, M3RDE, and Celtica.


Svetla Vladeva was born in Kazanlak, Bulgaria and was introduced to Balkan folk music at an early age by her aunt and uncle. At 8, she began playing piano accordion and at the start of her university studies, took a self-learning program on the bayan (chromatic button accordion). Although classically trained, Svetla’s repertoire includes musical pieces of many folk styles and genres from around the world, as well as popular and contemporary music. Svetla has performed as a soloist and with many ensembles throughout Europe and the United States, and most recently with the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music Latin American Ensemble, the Indiana University Chamber Orchestra, the Silk Road Ensemble of Bloomington, and the Middle Eastern group Salaam. The leader of the Eastern European Ensemble, Svetla also founded the accordion ensemble In Accord.

Tomás Lozano is an instrumentalist, vocalist and composer born in Barcelona, Spain, and raised between southern Spain and Catalonia. Known for his iconic performance of Spain’s traditional ballads sung in Castilian, Catalan and Galician, Lozano also plays contemporary, popular and European folk music from France, Spain, Britain, the Middle East and Sepharad. Beyond that, he performs his original compositions, solo or accompanied. In Daily Bread & Butter,  Tomás plays hurdy gurdy and percussion. He also plays with !Viva la Pepa!, Kativar, Istanbul Breeze, Salaam, Shakespeare’s Ear, 2Thousand, Tamango and Celtica. Tomás has performed throughout Europe, the US, Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica.