Tomás Lozano Performs

“Eternal Juan Ramón Jiménez”

A Musical Journey through the Life of a Spanish Poet


A wellspring of deep inspiration started me interpreting the poetry of celebrated 1956 Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature, Juan Ramón Jiménez. I selected poems from his thirty volumes and created personal interpretations of each one. Before long, I had arranged an entire repertoire of my lyrical compositions for Spanish guitar and viola da gamba.

The program showcases my distinctive style of composition which combines classical, baroque and contemporary at a time when fusing artistic expressions is becoming significantly important for modern-day audiences. I sing and perform on Spanish guitar, accompanied by a viola da gamba plus a reader who renders aloud the English translation of each poem, in introductory fashion, before each musical piece. The reader makes the poetry available across language and culture and also raises the bar of entertainment, by seamlessly wedding the experience into a contemplative whole that is as engaging as it is educational. Eterno Juan Ramón Jiménez is a casting of beautifully melodious yet tremendously simple compositions, reflecting the spirit of the original poetry. Audiences listen in awe as each piece reveals the complex emotions which both poet and musician cathartically express with exquisite minimalism.


                       About the Concert

                       “Eternal Juan Ramón Jiménez”

Vocalist, instrumentalist and composer, Tomás Lozano, conjoins his destiny with Spanish poet and 1956 Nobel Prize in Literature, Juan Ramón Jiménez, resulting in beguiling artistic purity. The poetry of Jiménez is a conduit to truth and eternity. Lozano lifts his wings to the occasion in complete sacramental inspiration. What emerges from this timeless bond is a musical journey through Jimeniano pantheistic landscapes in which Lozano caresses the transcendent and translates it with extreme beauty in this, his latest album titled, Eterno Juan Ramón Jiménez. Each of the masterfully achieved nearly twenty pieces, both moving and intimate, weaves Lozano’s outstanding voice and guitar with a viola da gamba played by Erica Rubis and a flamenco guitar played by José Valle “Chuscales”. The effect is manifestly unique and magical.


Tomás Lozano, cantante, compositor e instrumentista entrelaza su destino con Juan Ramón Jiménez, poeta español galardonado Premio Nobel de Literatura en 1956, de lo que resulta una embelesadora pureza artística. La poesía de Jiménez conduce a la verdad y de allí a la eternidad. Lozano alza sus alas a la ocasión en plena inspiración sacramental, y en este lazo atemporal, tañe una travesía musical por paisajes panteísticos Jimenianos. Lozano acaricia lo trascendente y lo traduce con extremada belleza en este, su último disco titulado, Eterno Juan Ramón Jiménez. Cada composición, magistralmente lograda en esta casi veintena de temas íntimos y emotivos, entreteje la destacada voz y guitarra de Tomás Lozano, una viola da gamba, tocada por Erica Rubis, y la guitarra flamenca de José Valle “Chuscales”. El efecto es único y manifiestamente mágico.


 Tomás Lozano: voice, guitar
Erica Rubis: viola da gamba
José Valle “Chuscales”: flamenco guitar
Rima Montoya: poetry reader



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