Cantemos al Alba

Origins of Songs, Sounds, and Liturgical Drama of Hispanic New Mexico

cantemos-transprntby Tomás Lozano. Edited and translated into English by Rima Montoya.* Foreword by Anthony Cárdenas.

Cantemos al Alba is the first book to trace the origins of Hispanic New Mexico’s liturgical drama, early songs, and sounds to ancient European traditions. Tomás Lozano weaves a historical unifying thread of events originating in medieval Spain, passing through Mexico and into New Mexico.

In the process, Lozano uncovers folklore never treated before. Lozano reveals a portion of United States history that to this day goes largely unrecognized. He demonstrates how the first music schools of what today is the U.S. actually began along the Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico.

In his seventeen chapters Lozano presents over one hundred songs with original music notations, compares full dramatic exemplars, and brings forward recordings of perhaps forgotten sounds.

Cantemos al Alba is an innovative study and bank of information that provides testimony for Lozano’s anthological work.

Cantemos al Alba is a bilingual English/Spanish study and includes two CDs with examples of the music and the dramas discussed in the text. 727p. With more then 100 songs with music notation and full dramas.

Available online, at major bookstores, and directly from UNM Press.

2001-2007 Articles La Herencia Magazine, Santa Fe NM


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