Romances and Ballads Recital

RomancesSeize this unique opportunity to enjoy renowned author and master musician, Tomás Lozano, bring Spain’s most loved traditional ballads to life. This expressive and simple oral poetry of rural and medieval Spanish origins is, as the eminent poet Juan Ramón Jiménez called it, the river of the Spanish language.

Lozano is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on these Spanish ballads and will bring to you this river of the Spanish language and more. He is, without a doubt, one of the greatest modern-day keepers of this ancient oral tradition, playing for and enlightening audiences around the world.

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A Journey Through Time with a Hurdy Gurdy

1964899_790475597673558_447851511962111529_nThis highly educational and experiential performance will open audiences to the mysterious world of the Hurdy-Gurdy, a unique and largely unknown musical instrument that is now, once again, quietly becoming vogue. Tracing the evolutionary journey, audiences will discover the Hurdy Gurdy’s historical repertoire, famous musicians who have played it, as well as the hidden mechanics that make it work.

With the help of images from a multimedia presentation, Tomas Lozano takes the audience to the Middle Ages, when the first recorded ancestors to the Hurdy Gurdy appeared. Moving forward along the timeline, he will unveil real models of this curious instrument, each of them retrieved from a specific period of history, and demonstrating how the instrument evolved at every historical nexus point up through our modern day.

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Eternal Juan Ramón Jiménez

jrj-featureTomás Lozano, conjoins his destiny with Spanish poet and 1956 Nobel Prize in Literature, Juan Ramón Jiménez, resulting in beguiling artistic purity. The poetry of Jiménez is a conduit to truth and eternity. Lozano lifts his wings to the occasion in complete sacramental inspiration. What emerges from this timeless bond is a musical journey through Jimeniano pantheistic landscapes in which Lozano caresses the transcendent and translates it with extreme beauty in this, his latest album titled, Eterno Juan Ramón Jiménez. Each of the masterfully achieved nearly twenty pieces, both moving and intimate, weaves Lozano’s outstanding voice and guitar with a viola da gamba played by Erica Rubis and a flamenco guitar played by José Valle “Chuscales”. The effect is manifestly unique and magical.

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kativar-trioKativar is Ladino for captivate. As their name suggests, the Kativar trio captivates audiences with their performances of (portraying the) oral Sephardic traditions from a variety of places such as Turkey, Morocco, Greece, the Northern Balkans and other parts of the Mediterranean. Kativar showcases the complexity and richness of the Sephardic rhythms and sounds with their supporting instrumentation that includes oud, viola, djoze, guitar, dumbeck, riqq, naqqarat and bendir.

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Daily Bread & Butter

dailybread-reflectionDaily Bread & Butter plays traditional dance music from Europe. Their members, from different countries, come together to delight audiences with their repertoire that includes a large variety of sounds and styles. Combining bagpipes, accordion, hurdy gurdy, and percussion, Daily Bread & Butter will make your feet move nonstop!

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¡Viva la Pepa!

IMG_2059¡Viva la Pepa! delves into medieval, renaissance and traditional music from Spain and France. The main members, Tom Lozano, Sharon Berman, Polly Tapia and Juan Wijngaard, have performed throughout Europe, Central and North America.

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